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Ring Cushions

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    Harley Nodular Ring Cushion
    The Harley Nodular Ring Cushion has been very cleverly designed with its nodular shaped polyurethane foam allowing air to circulate freely between it and the user, helping to speed up the healing...
      Deluxe Memory Foam Ring Cushion
      Made from high-quality viscoelastic memory foam, this Deluxe Memory Foam Ring Cushion conforms to the user's shape to make sitting for long periods of time a more comfortable experience. Suitable for...
      VAT Exempt
        Original Ring Cushion
        Representing excellent value for money the Original Ring Cushion is a quality ring cushion that offers the user who would normally suffer discomfort when sitting a comfortable and simple solution...
        OUT OF STOCK
          This cover is only suitable for use with the Designer Ring Cushion (click here). The cover is loose fitting and is simply slipped over the ring cushion, giving the cushion a protective cover which is...
          OUT OF STOCK
            Inflatable PVC Ring Cushion
            The Inflatable PVC Ring Cushion is light, compact and very comfortable and easy to use, making it an excellent travelling companion and ideal as a very handy travel pillow. The ring cushion can be...
            OUT OF STOCK
              Dunlopillo Ring Cushion
              The Dunlopillo Ring Cushion is a very high quality and comfortable circular foam pad with a cut out section at its centre. Made from flame-retardant, antibacterial foam, the design of the Dunlopillo...
              OUT OF STOCK
                Economy Ring Cushion
                Ideal for wheelchair users, this Economy Ring Cushion has been designed for people that sit down for prolonged periods of time. It is made from high-quality memory foam that moulds to the shape of...
                OUT OF STOCK
                  Foam Ring Cushion
                  The extremely hard wearing Foam Ring Cushion, is made from top quality foam, for extended product life, with the perfect degree of firmness to give the user a really comfortable seat. The Foam Ring...
                  OUT OF STOCK
                    Memory Foam Ring Cushion
                    The Memory Foam Ring Cushion moulds itself to the user's body shape to provide pressure relief and optimum comfort levels when sitting for long periods of time. Supplied with a soft velour cover that...

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