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Massage Therapy

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    Heated Back and Seat Massager
    This Heated Back and Seat Massager is a high quality massage therapy aid that has been designed to deliver relaxing heated massage to the areas of the body that need it most. The soothing heated seat...
      Neck Massager
      This versatile Neck Massager has been designed to stimulate blood circulation and warm muscles with heat therapy. As well as the neck, this massager can also be used on the shoulders, back, waist...
        Physio Massage Stick
        Ideal for people that partake in regular physical activity, this Physio Massage Stick has been designed for self massage on most areas of the body. It is easy to use to target tired or sore muscles...
        OUT OF STOCK
          Prossage Heat Warming Massage Ointment - 8oz
          This 8 oz bottle of Prossage Heat Warming Massage Ointment is a 100 per cent natural, therapeutic, warming ointment. This uniquely blended all natural ointment along with its warming properties make...
          OUT OF STOCK
            Phoenix Fitness Spiky Massage Ball Set
            The Phoenix Fitness Spiky Massage Ball Set contains three 3 spiky massage balls of varying sizes for use in a deep tissue massage. The spiky massage balls can gently relieve muscle knots by rolling...
            OUT OF STOCK
              Lotion Applicator with Massaging Head
              This functional Lotion Applicator and Massage Head enables the user to apply creams, oils and lotions to hard to reach parts of the body such as the back and shoulders. It features a detachable head...
              OUT OF STOCK
                Pro-Tec Roller Massager
                The raised foam sections of the Pro-Tec Roller Massager stretches muscles and tendons, breaks down soft tissue adhesion, and soothes tight fascia while increasing blood flow and circulation to the...
                OUT OF STOCK
                  The Original Index Knobber II
                  The Original Index Knobber II is a specially designed massage tool that is beneficial for both the person giving the massage and the person receiving the massage. The Original Index Knobber II fits...
                  OUT OF STOCK
                    The Original Jacknobber II
                    The Original Jacknobber II is a handheld massage tool that has been ergonomically designed to provide a pleasing and relaxing massage to any part of the body with varying amounts of pressure...
                    OUT OF STOCK
                      Togu Bodybone
                      The Togu Bodybone is an outstanding anatomically aligned tool that can be used methodically in any therapy and training environment to loosen up tensions and blockades in the entire spinal area...
                      OUT OF STOCK
                        Star Balm Red Massage Balm - 25g
                        This 25g tub of Star Balm Red Massage Balm is an extra strong balm which uses 100 per cent herbal ingredients. These high quality ingredients, along with the natural oils, have been chosen with the...
                        OUT OF STOCK
                          The Original Backnobber II
                          The Original Backnobber II is a deep muscle therapy device made from reinforced plastic that has been anatomically designed to allow the user to apply deep pressure to their own back, neck or...

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