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Head and Neck Supports

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Headmaster Collar
  • Grey

Headmaster Collar

" This is the Medium sized version of the Headmaster Collar. Soft, well padded and easy to adjust, it is an effective cervical support available in six different sizes ranging from infant to large...
From £159.98
Patriot Extrication Collar
  • White

Patriot Extrication Collar

This is the adult-sized Patriot Extrication Collar, which can be used to immobilise the cervical spine quickly and effectively. Supplied in a single, universal size, it comes as a single piece and...
From £20.99
Philadelphia Tracheotomy Collar
  • Cream

Philadelphia Tracheotomy Collar

" Designed to keep the neck securely immobilised, the Philadelphia Tracheotomy Collar is available in a range of sizes. Its contoured design helps to reduce neck rotation and promotes good extension...
From £2.74 Was £15.95
Headmaster Collar Extension Pads - Medium and Large

    Headmaster Collar Extension Pads - Medium and Large

    These Headmaster Extension Pads are sold as a pair and are intended for use with the Medium Headmaster Collar and Large Headmaster Collar. They can be placed under the collar in various positions to...
    £17.32 Was £52.02

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