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Telescopic Ramps

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Metro Telescopic Channel Ramp
  • Silver

Metro Telescopic Channel Ramp

" The Metro Telescopic Channel Ramp is a low cost, portable channel ramp great for use with your wheelchair or other mobility products. Ideal for thresholds, steps, or kerbs, this ramp can retract to...
From £124.99
VAT relief
Axcess Telescopic Channel Ramps
  • Silver

Axcess Telescopic Channel Ramps

Supplied as a pair, these Axcess Telescopic Two Part Channel Ramps extend from 880 to 1500mm (34.5 to 59 inches), providing safe, stable and sturdy access for wheelchairs and 4 wheel scooters. Made...
From £301.65
VAT relief

Ask our Occupational Therapists

These are ramps where the length can be adjusted. They're also referred to as channel ramps they come in a pair.

They can help to make it easier to go into your property, they don’t require much space, and can be adjusted to use on uneven ground as they are independent of each other.

Chanel telescopic ramps are good where the house is on a cross slope, so each ramp can be adjusted to a different length.

They are suitable for those who use wheelchairs and people with a 4 wheeled mobility scooter. 

There are some key points to consider before purchasing a telescopic ramp:

  • What is the ground like outside, does it slope away from the front door? Is it long enough for the gradient needed?
  • Are you able to place them on the ground in the correct position for the alignment of the wheels? Or would you need help to do this?
  • Are you able to remove the ramps when needed or is there help available to remove them, if needed?

If you need help or advice on any of the products in this category, you can contact our Expert Advice Service here or speak to one of the team using our Live Chat system.

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