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Why have a home assessment?

Why have a home assessment?

Choosing the right wheelchair is a deeply personal decision, one that needs to balance various factors, as the wrong choice could leave you with a chair that hinders rather than helps with your day-to-day life. Our wheelchair specialists have an unparalleled knowledge of our range, so they can make sure you find a wheelchair that truly fits your needs.

Our home assessments are completely free and are there to help make sure you get the perfect wheelchair for your needs within your budget. Most of the wheelchairs which include our free wheelchair home assessment are made to order and are customised to your clinical needs and your specific individual measurements.

How a home assessment works

After you've filled in the form to request your free home assessment, one of our team will be in touch to give you a consultation over the phone and arrange a suitable day for the assessment. The reason it needs to be a home assessment is so that our specialists can get an idea of your environment, as this can affect the type of chair that would be most suited to your needs.

On the day of your assessment our wheelchair specialist will bring one or more of the most suitable wheelchairs with them, as agreed on your consultation call. In most cases you’ll be able to sit in and try the different wheelchairs to help you get an idea of the comfort and design. We’ll talk to you about what you want the wheelchair to do for you and discuss your specific medical needs to make sure you choose the best chair within your wheelchair budget. At this stage we’ll take your specific wheelchair measurements, run through all the different customisable options available on the chair and discuss how, or if, they can benefit you and support your personal needs.

You won't be under any obligation to buy the chair and will be left with a quote to decide whether you want to proceed with the purchase of the custom-made wheelchair after your assessment. 

See our frequently asked questions below the form for further information.

How a home assessment works
Interested in an assessment?

Frequently asked questions

Our wheelchair specialists practice social distancing and wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at all times to protect themselves and you from Covid-19. In your consultation you can discuss the process of measuring your chair and address any questions you have, including about Covid-19, with our in-house wheelchair specialist. We will always make sure you are happy to have the assessment before arranging a date for our wheelchair specialists to come out to you.

Home assessments are only available on the UK mainland, right now. Please fill in the form for further details on this.

This can vary from person to person as it works around your own unique needs and challenges. Typically a home wheelchair assessment will last around two hours, but this can take more of less time depending on things like your knowledge of wheelchairs or your medical needs. If you have complex postural needs, for example, this would take a little longer to assess. 

There's nothing specific that you would need to prepare before the assessment, but if you have any questions you'll be given the chance to ask them during your initial consultation call ahead of the assessment.

It can take 0-6 weeks for it to arrive, this depends entirely on whether your chair is being made to order and the level of customisation needed. Our wheelchair specialists will give you a better idea of how long it will take when they give you your quotation. 

Once it arrives, one of our wheelchair specialists will arrange to deliver it to you and make sure it's set up correctly.

No, not necessarily. Our wheelchair specialists will discuss your needs and requirements during your initial consultation call to help narrow down what wheelchair may work best for you. 

It's quite common for people to have a wheelchair in mind only to realise a different one would likely be more appropriate during the consultation, so please don't worry about having chosen a wheelchair before getting in touch.

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