Kitchen Aids

Kitchen aids are an invaluable way to help maintain independence at home. Our entire range of kitchen aids for older and disabled people is designed to make everyday tasks easier so your loved one can focus on spending time doing what matters most. Whether you're looking for a kettle tipper for making that perfect cup of tea, bibs to help prevent mess at dinner time or cutlery that makes eating easier, we have it all.

Explore our range of kitchen aids for something to keep you or a loved one safe while enjoying the hustle and bustle of the kitchen.

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How to make your kitchen more accessible

The right kitchen can really help make a house feel like a home, giving you the space to cook and prepare delicious meals for yourself and your loved ones. But is your kitchen still  fit for your needs?

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Shop our OT Recommended Kitchen Aids

For the very best of our range to enable greater independence in the kitchen, preparing meals, see our OT Recommended products, selected by our experts for their functionality, ease of use, safety and value for money. Look out for the green badge.

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Kitchen aids refer to a range of tools and devices designed to assist individuals in various tasks and activities in the kitchen. They are specifically designed to make cooking, food preparation, and other kitchen activities easier and more accessible. Kitchen aids can include items such as jar openers, cutting boards with stabilising grips, easy-grip utensils, ergonomic knives, or appliances with user-friendly controls.

Kitchen mobility aids can benefit a wide range of individuals, including those with physical disabilities, limited mobility, arthritis, or conditions that affect strength and dexterity. They are also useful for elderly individuals who may experience challenges in the kitchen or individuals recovering from injuries or surgeries. Additionally, individuals with cognitive impairments or sensory issues can benefit from specialised kitchen aids designed to assist with tasks like timers, portion control, or organising cooking steps.

Using kitchen aids provides several advantages, such as:

  • Increased independence: Kitchen aids enable individuals to perform tasks they may otherwise struggle with, promoting self-sufficiency and confidence.
  • Enhanced safety: Many kitchen aids incorporate safety features like non-slip bases, heat-resistant materials, or ergonomic designs to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries during food preparation.
  • Improved efficiency: Kitchen aids often streamline tasks, making them quicker and easier to accomplish. They can save time and effort in chopping, slicing, opening jars, or performing other kitchen activities.
  • Accessible cooking: Kitchen aids ensure that individuals with disabilities or limitations can actively participate in cooking and enjoy the benefits of preparing their meals.

Choosing the right kitchen aids depends on individual needs and preferences. Consider factors such as the specific tasks or activities you need assistance with, your physical abilities, and any specific challenges you face in the kitchen. It can be helpful to consult with occupational therapists or healthcare professionals who specialise in adaptive equipment to guide you in selecting suitable kitchen aids.

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