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Family guide to arthritis
While we often think of arthritis as being an older person’s ailment, it’s something that can affect anyone at any age. Find out more about how it can affect your loved one, why and how to help.
Living well with arthritis
Read our guide about living well with arthritis to pick up some tips and discover gadgets to help relieve your symptoms so you can live your life as fully as possible.
10 tips to help those living with arthritis
If you’re living with the condition, you’re not alone. Arthritis can have a big impact on your day-to-day life, but there are products available to help make things that little bit easier.
How keeping warm could help those with arthritis
Did you know that heat therapy may also give you a non-medicinal way to help ease pain in your joints? Heat can help to relax the muscles and ease tension.
Private online OT consultation
Get an assessment with personalised advice, tips and solutions from a qualified Occupational Therapist in your own home. A Home Living Consultation is only £79.
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Private online OT consultation
OT Recommended products
Our experienced, hands-on Occupational Therapists (OTs) use certain products extensively. You can always trust their recommendations, which have passed strict criteria.
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OT Recommended products
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...we also offer home adaptations and installations (including lifts), wheelchair home assessment, annual servicing (for mobility scooters and specialist wheelchairs etc.), and insurance.
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