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Contour Ultima Bath Chair
From £399.99 Was £496.62
VAT Exempt
Folding Household Trolley
£79.99 Was £96.02
VAT Exempt
Suction Bath Grab Rail
£5.99 Was £11.51
Molift Raiser
£349.99 Was £399.99
VAT Exempt
Waterproof Fitted Sheet
From £11.54
VAT Exempt
Spa Stainless Steel Grab Rail
From £19.61
VAT Exempt
One Way Flextendable Straws - Pack of 15
£9.99 Was £12.59
VAT Exempt
Dignity Adult Feeding Cup - Triple Pack
£16.99 Was £22.00
VAT Exempt
Wheelchair Poncho
£14.99 Was £16.48
VAT Exempt
Disposable Polythene Aprons
From £2.99 Was £11.33
Super Sized Toilet Seat
£29.99 Was £48.56
Magnifying Glass with a Light
£3.99 Was £4.19
VAT Exempt
Wide Base Drinking Cup with Two Lids
£4.99 Was £6.29
VAT Exempt
Elevating Leg Rests
VAT Exempt
Deluxe Nosey Cup with Handles
VAT Exempt
Evolution Elbow Crutches
£9.99 Was £11.52
VAT Exempt
Insulated Bowl Lid
£2.39 Was £2.70
Smitcare Bed Bar
VAT Exempt
Soft Coated Caring Spoon
VAT Exempt
Liftwell Bed Leaver
VAT Exempt
Double Loop Bed Stick
From £28.88
VAT Exempt
Stackable Bath Step
£16.99 Was £19.99
VAT Exempt
Deluxe Sling
From £125.95
VAT Exempt
Compact Perching Stool - Blue
VAT Exempt
TPE Exercise Mat
Linton Wheeled Commode
VAT Exempt

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