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Gloves have a variety of uses and we have the range to cover your hands, whatever your needs may be. This includes compression gloves to provide support and pressure for those living with arthritis, which can help reduce swelling and associated soreness. Disposable gloves are good for carers who want to make sure they don't spread germs from one patient to the next, as well as protecting themselves. Wheelchair gloves give extra grip when powering your own chair while also helping avoid friction burn. Whether it's just for keeping warm or using them as daily living aids, we have the gloves for you.
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Powder Free Blue Disposable Nitrile Gloves
  • Blue

Powder Free Blue Disposable Nitrile Gloves

These medium sized Disposable Nitrile Gloves are supplied as a box of 100 and they help to prevent the risk of spreading infection by keeping hands covered and germ free. The stretchy gloves are...
From £6.00
Powder Free Vinyl Gloves
  • Clear
  • White

Powder Free Vinyl Gloves

These medium, powder free, high quality, disposable vinyl gloves are hypo-allergenic and provide an economical alternative to latex gloves eliminating the concern for any reactions. Popular with...
From £4.00
Latex Disposable Powder-Free Gloves Box of 100
  • Cream

Latex Disposable Powder-Free Gloves Box of 100

These Disposable Latex Gloves have a micro-textured surface which enhances grip, as well as a comfortable close fit with easy movement. With excellent tear resistance even when punctured, they are...
From £7.00
Abri-Bag Disposable Zip Lock Bags

Abri-Bag Disposable Zip Lock Bags

Supplied in a box of ten, these Abri-Bag Disposable Zip Lock Bags provide an excellent way of disposing of incontinence products wherever you are. A safe, discreet way to dispose of incontinence...
0% VAT
Powder Free Vinyl Gloves - Case of 10 Boxes
  • White

Powder Free Vinyl Gloves - Case of 10 Boxes

This case of Vinyl Gloves is supplied as 10 individual boxes that each contain 100 disposable vinyl gloves, the gloves are powder free, hypoallergenic and soft. Disposable Vinyl Gloves are extremely...
From £44.45
Premium Disposable Aprons
  • White

Premium Disposable Aprons

These Disposable Aprons are ideal for use in professional care environments as well as at home as they provide protection from spillages at mealtimes or during craft sessions. They have an...
From £3.48

Disposable gloves are used for hygiene, personal safety, preventing cross-contamination, allergen protection, and maintaining cleanliness. They act as a barrier against germs, chemicals, and irritants, reducing the risk of transmission and protecting the wearer's hands. Disposable gloves are commonly used in healthcare, food handling, and various industries where contamination control and safety are important. They are convenient and can be easily disposed of after use, promoting cleanliness and minimising the spread of contaminants.

The best type of disposable gloves depends on the specific requirements of the task or industry. Latex gloves provide good dexterity and barrier protection but may cause allergies. Nitrile gloves are a suitable latex-free alternative with excellent chemical resistance. Vinyl gloves are economical but offer a looser fit and less dexterity. Polyethylene gloves are lightweight and used for basic protection in food service. Factors such as allergies, required level of protection, comfort, and industry-specific needs should be considered when choosing the best disposable gloves for a particular purpose.

To dispose of disposable gloves properly, carefully remove them by pulling inside out to contain any contaminants. Place the used gloves in a lined trash bin designated for regular waste disposal. Avoid recycling them as they are typically made from various materials and may be contaminated. Follow local regulations and guidelines provided by waste management authorities for specific disposal instructions. Proper disposal of disposable gloves helps maintain cleanliness, minimise the spread of contaminants, and promotes responsible waste management practices.

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