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Adjustable Divan Beds

At Complete Care Shop, you can find the ideal adjustable divan bed to match your home. You'll find a large selection of electrically operated divan beds in a range of styles and sizes, from adjustable single divan beds to large king-size models. All of our adjustable beds are electrically powered, so you can get the perfect amount of support for a comfy night's sleep every time.

You can raise the head for added support when sitting up and taking meals in bed, or raise the whole bed for support when getting in or out. Some of these bedroom aids come with a built-in headboard for added support. Whatever beds or mattresses you're after, you'll find a safe and comfortable option at Complete Care Shop.
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Devon Adjustable Bed with Headboard

Devon Adjustable Bed with Headboard

This is the single bed size version of the Restwell Devon Electric Adjustable Bed with Headboard, one of a range of high quality electrically powered beds that can be easily adjusted to the perfect...
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Devon Adjustable Bed

Devon Adjustable Bed

This is the single bed size version of the Restwell Devon Electric Adjustable Bed, one of a range of high quality electrically powered beds that can be easily adjusted to the perfect position to...
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Pocket Sprung Mattress - Single

Pocket Sprung Mattress - Single

This Single size Pocket Sprung Mattress works by each individual spring unit being enveloped in its own fabric casing. Each spring acts independently of the other springs, giving each sleeper their...

An adjustable bed, also known as an adjustable base or adjustable mattress foundation, is a type of bed that allows the user to adjust the position of the bed's head and/or foot sections. Unlike traditional flat beds, adjustable beds feature motorised mechanisms that enable various positions to be set according to the user's preference. This includes raising the head or foot of the bed, or even adjusting it to an inclined or reclined position. Adjustable beds typically come with a remote control or buttons on the side to easily adjust the bed's position. They offer customisable comfort, support, and convenience, and are particularly beneficial for individuals with medical conditions, mobility issues, or those who prefer personalised sleep positions for relaxation, reading, or watching TV.

An adjustable bed can benefit a range of individuals, including those with medical conditions like acid reflux, sleep apnoea, or back pain, as well as elderly individuals and those with limited mobility. It offers the ability to customise the bed's position, providing relief, improved support, and easier access. Additionally, it can enhance comfort and relaxation for individuals who enjoy reading, watching TV, or prefer personalised sleep positions. Dual adjustable beds can accommodate couples with different sleep preferences. Consulting with a healthcare professional or sleep specialist is advisable to determine if an adjustable bed is suitable and to address specific needs before making a purchase.

When choosing an adjustable bed, consider the following factors: quality and durability, size and compatibility with your bedroom, range of adjustability options, ease of use of the control mechanism, any additional features or accessories, warranty and customer support, and price. Research different brands and models, read customer reviews, and seek expert advice to make an informed decision. Prioritise quality and features that meet your specific needs and budget while ensuring the bed is built to last and offers the desired adjustability options for your comfort and convenience.

Yes, adjustable beds may require special sheets to accommodate the movement and contouring of the bed. Regular fitted sheets may come off or become wrinkled when the bed is adjusted, which can affect comfort and the overall appearance of the bed. Specialised adjustable bed sheets, often called "split" or "dual" sheets, are designed with elasticated corners or straps to keep the sheets securely in place as the bed adjusts. These sheets are tailored to fit the specific dimensions and movement of adjustable beds, ensuring a snug and smooth fit even when the bed is raised or lowered. Using adjustable bed sheets can help maintain the comfort and functionality of the bed while providing a neat and tidy appearance.

Adjustable beds work through a series of motorised mechanisms that allow the user to change the position of the bed's head and/or foot sections. These mechanisms are controlled using a remote control or buttons on the side of the bed. By pressing the desired buttons or using the remote control, the user can raise or lower different sections of the bed to create various positions. For example, the head section can be elevated to provide support for reading or watching TV, or the foot section can be raised to elevate the legs and promote circulation. Some adjustable beds may also offer preset positions for added convenience. The motorised movements are usually smooth and quiet, allowing users to easily find their desired position for optimal comfort and relaxation.

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