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Balance Equipment

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    Wobble Board - Large
    " This high quality large wooden Wobble Board can be used to help a user retrain proprioception (the sense of balance) after an injury. The large Wobble Board is also ideal for a wide range of...
    VAT Exempt
      Rocker Board - Large
      " This high quality large wooden Rocker Board has been designed to help a user with ankle extension and flexion exercises and with uni-directional exercises and may also be used as a balance aid. The...
      VAT Exempt
        Adjustable Balance Board
        This Adjustable Balance Board is a useful rehabilitation aid for improving core strength, balance and coordination. It has a contoured, non-slip surface for safety and it is easy to wipe clean aiding...
        OUT OF STOCK
          Balance Pad
          This Balance Pad is an extremely practical and versatile piece of balance equipment that may be used in a variety of ways to both assess and address poor balance or coordination. This Balance Pad may...
          OUT OF STOCK
            Balance Beam
            The Balance Beam is a multi-functional therapy aid that has been designed to help a user with stability, coordination and balance training. Made from Airex's high quality, closed cell, ultra soft...
            VAT Exempt
            OUT OF STOCK
              Wobble Cushion
              The Wobble Cushion can be used to help a user with balance and stability training particularly as part of the rehabilitation process after an injury, illness or operation. The cushion is also ideal...
              OUT OF STOCK
                DiscoSit Balance Air Cushion
                Excellent for balance training, flexibility and coordination exercises, this DiscoSit Balance Air Cushion relieves pressure on the spine and promotes correct posture. Once inflated it cleverly mimics...
                OUT OF STOCK
                  Physio Balance Cushion
                  Ideal for use at home or in a physiotherapy environment, this Physio Balance Cushion is an excellent aid for rehabilitation and recovery from injury. It is also excellent for improving balance and...

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