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Safety Aids

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    Key Safe
    Offering excellent value for money, this wall mounted Key Safe provides a very secure place to store a spare key for your home or car. It's the ideal solution to make sure, that if you do...
      Family and Friends Auto Dialling Panic Alarm
      The Family and Friends Auto Dialling Panic Alarm is a high quality, incredibly effective personal alarm that is ideal for people that live by themselves providing reassurance to both themselves and...
      £49.99 Was £62.49
      VAT Exempt
        Motion Sensor Light
        This Motion Sensor Light is an excellent safety light for people that frequently get up in the middle of the night, no matter their age. The light immediately reacts to any motion it senses, turning...
        VAT Exempt
        OUT OF STOCK
        • White
        Automatic Can Opener
        The Automatic Can Opener is a one touch device that opens cans and tins quickly and easily. Compatible with cans up to 153mm in diameter, the Automatic Can Opener is ideal for elderly or disabled...
        From £18.47
        OUT OF STOCK
          Cast and Bandage Protector
          Like the other products in this range, this Cast and Bandage Protector is light and waterproof and has a flexible seal at one end to prevent water from entering when the user is taking a bath or...
          OUT OF STOCK
            Cast and Dressing Protectors
            This comfortable waterproof dressing protector is easy to use and has a self-sealing band allowing the dressing to be submerged without fear of water ingress. Simply slip the protector over a cast or...
            OUT OF STOCK
              Large Key Safe
              The Large Key Safe has a large capacity secure storage area that can hold up to 5 keys for Yale locks (5 lever British Standard locks). The key safe has large push buttons to ensure easy operation...
              OUT OF STOCK
                Wander Alert Safety System
                The Wander Alert Safety System is a simple, easy to install and cost effective electronic wander alert system that works by creating an invisible infrared beam between the two units supplied, which...
                OUT OF STOCK
                  Wrist Worn Panic Alarm
                  The Wrist Worn Panic Alarm is a useful safety aid that can help anyone who may feel vulnerable. The simple push-button action will activate a loud 130dB alarm that is sure to attract attention, and a...
                  OUT OF STOCK
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                  Dycem Non Slip Matting
                  This red Dycem Non Slip Matting is provided as a reel that is 1 metre (3' 3'') long and 200mm (8'') wide, and is high quality non slip material that can be used for a variety of different scenarios...
                  From £9.99
                  VAT Exempt
                  OUT OF STOCK
                    Safety Strips for the Bath
                    These safety strips for the bath are perfect for all bath shapes and sizes, as well as being ideal for shower cubicles and wet rooms, to help prevent falls and accidents. They are made from soft...
                    OUT OF STOCK
                      Night Light - Pack of Two
                      This pack of two Night Lights have been specially designed to provide reassuring comfort and safety. The high-quality night light includes three long-life LEDs, making it incredibly economical. It...
                      OUT OF STOCK
                        Supra Police Approved KeySafe
                        " The Supra Police Approved KeySafe has been designed as a result of extensive consultations with users and has achieved the highest level of security endorsement ever given to a key safe in the UK...
                        OUT OF STOCK
                          Plug Pull - Pack of 3
                          Removing a standard plug from a socket can be difficult, particularly if you suffer with poor grip, weak muscle strength or have deformities of the fingers/wrists. These plug pull handles have an...
                          VAT Exempt
                          OUT OF STOCK
                            Combination Key Safe
                            The Combination Key Safe has been designed to store a spare key in safely and securely. It attaches to a wall and is ideal for indoor and outdoor use thanks to its robust, weather resistant...
                            OUT OF STOCK
                              Cast and Dressing Protectors
                              This full leg Cast and Dressing Protector is easy to put on, incredibly comfortable and has a self-sealing band allowing the dressing to be submerged without fear of water ingress. Simply slip the...
                              OUT OF STOCK
                                Ultrabright Motion Sensor Ceiling Light
                                With its wireless, weather resistant design, the Ultrabright Motion Sensor Ceiling Light is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Incredibly simple to install, it is suitable for lighting sheds...
                                OUT OF STOCK
                                  Plug Through Night Light
                                  This stylish, automatic Plug Through Night Light is designed to illuminate at dusk. The Plug Through Night Light simply fits in any 3 pin socket while its clever design offers a plug through option...
                                  OUT OF STOCK
                                    Darco Night Splint
                                    This is the extra large Darco Night Splint, which is designed to be worn overnight and which may be worn on either foot. It is designed to help relieve the pain of plantar fasciitis and Achilles...
                                    From £55.51
                                    OUT OF STOCK
                                      Deluxe Night Splint
                                      This Small Deluxe Night Splint is made from skin-friendly fabric and is fitted with a soft foam lining which provides exceptional comfort and is easily removed for washing. To remain extremely stable...
                                      From £32.36
                                      VAT Exempt

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