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Night Lights and Safety Lights

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    Motion Sensor Light
    This Motion Sensor Light is an excellent safety light for people that frequently get up in the middle of the night, no matter their age. The light immediately reacts to any motion it senses, turning...
    VAT Exempt
      Night Light - Pack of Two
      This pack of two Night Lights have been specially designed to provide reassuring comfort and safety. The high-quality night light includes three long-life LEDs, making it incredibly economical. It...
        Ultrabright Motion Sensor Ceiling Light
        With its wireless, weather resistant design, the Ultrabright Motion Sensor Ceiling Light is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Incredibly simple to install, it is suitable for lighting sheds...
        OUT OF STOCK
          Plug Through Night Light
          This stylish, automatic Plug Through Night Light is designed to illuminate at dusk. The Plug Through Night Light simply fits in any 3 pin socket while its clever design offers a plug through option...
          OUT OF STOCK
            Motion Sensor Ceiling Light
            This wireless, battery-powered Motion Sensor Ceiling Light is ideal for lighting large rooms, sheds, attics and garages. It comes supplied with screws and can be installed very easily and quickly. It...
            OUT OF STOCK
              Portable Motion Sensor Light
              " With its durable standing design, the Portable Motion Sensor Light does not require any installation. It includes a motion sensor that will activate whenever movement has been detected from up to...
              OUT OF STOCK
                Night Light Torch
                This highly versatile Night Light Torch is specially designed to be able to use at anytime, while seated in its socket mounted dock, the compact light wirelessly recharges for its next use. When set...
                OUT OF STOCK
                  Ultra Bright Sensor Light
                  This Ultra Bright Sensor Light features five long life ultra bright LEDs. The light instantly switches on once movement has been detected at night and remains on for 15 seconds once the last movement...
                  OUT OF STOCK
                    Remote Control LED Lights
                    This pack of three wireless Remote Control LED Lights are highly discreet and will easily fit to any metallic surface using the inbuilt magnets or they can be permanently sited using the mounting...
                    VAT Exempt
                    OUT OF STOCK
                      Night Light with Socket
                      This Night Light with Socket is incredibly high quality and economical. It has been designed to offer reassuring comfort and safety when needed. The light includes three long-life LEDs, which each...
                      OUT OF STOCK
                        LED Night Light
                        This colour changing LED Night Light lets the user choose a colour and cycle mode where the light cycles through all different colours. Perfect for hallways, children's bedrooms or anywhere around...
                        OUT OF STOCK
                          Sensor Night Light
                          The Sensor Night Life can be plugged into any 13A plug sockets and turned on to provide light where required. It features four long-life LEDs and is incredibly low with its electricity consumption...

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