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Physiotherapy Aids

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    ActivCycle Powered Pedal Exerciser
    The ActiveCycle Powered Pedal Exerciser is a compact, electrically powered motorised pedal exerciser, that can simply be placed on the floor in front of a users chair, allowing them to exercise in...
      2.3m Parallel Walking Bars
      An invaluable aid to walking and related rehabilitation exercises, these Height Adjustable Adult Parallel Walking Bars are 2.3m long and made from coated steel and can be used by people weighing up...
      VAT Exempt
        Junior Parallel Walking Bars
        Like the adult version, these Height Adjustable Junior Parallel Walking Bars are an invaluable aid to walking and related exercises. They are made from coated steel and can be used by children...
        VAT Exempt
        OUT OF STOCK
          Mobile Posture Mirror
          Designed to help people to check their posture, this single section Mobile Posture Mirror is sturdy and stable, and its angle can be adjusted with a simple tilting action. To aid manoeuvrability, it...
          VAT Exempt
          OUT OF STOCK
            Airex Atlas Gym Mat - Red
            Measuring 2 metres by 1.25 metres, this very versatile red Airex Atlas Gym Mat provides a large, safe, cushioned base for play activities, gymnastics and rehabilitation exercises. The Airex Atlas Gym...
            OUT OF STOCK
              TPE Exercise Mat
              The TPE Exercise Mat is a versatile exercise aid that is suitable for any type of exercise, fitness or rehabilitation regime. Comfortable underfoot, the thick mat has a cushioning effect that...
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              OUT OF STOCK
                Shoulder Pulley
                This Shoulder Pulley set is a useful aid to exercise and rehabilitation. The pulley is designed to be attached to a doorway or some similar overhead structure, where it can then be used to develop...
                OUT OF STOCK
                  Plantar Fasciitis Arch Sleeves
                  This pair of Plantar Fasciitis Arch Sleeves are podiatrist-designed and clinically proven to significantly reduce foot and heel pain associated with a variety of foot conditions including plantar...
                  OUT OF STOCK
                    Bariatric Parallel Walking Bars
                    This set of Bariatric Parallel Walking Bars are both adjustable in height and width to ensure they are suitable for a vast range of users. The rails are supplied with a wide and very stable base that...
                    VAT Exempt
                    OUT OF STOCK
                      Massaging Knee Support
                      This Massaging Knee Support has been designed to relieve joint pain by providing a targeted compression massage to the knee area. The Massaging Knee Support comprises of a lightweight X shape strap...
                      OUT OF STOCK
                        Neoprene Wrist Splint with Thumb Extension
                        Affordably priced and very effective, this Medium sized Neoprene Wrist Splint with Thumb Extension is intended for use on the left wrist. It closes and adjusts by means of a simple Velcro-style...
                        From £9.43
                        OUT OF STOCK
                          Large Exercise Mat
                          " This blue version of the Large Exercise Mat is 400mm (15.75"") wider than the standard mat with an increased total width of 1000mm (39.25"") as opposed to the standard mats width of 600mm (23.5...
                          OUT OF STOCK
                            Balance Pad
                            This Balance Pad is an extremely practical and versatile piece of balance equipment that may be used in a variety of ways to both assess and address poor balance or coordination. This Balance Pad may...
                            OUT OF STOCK
                              Balance Beam
                              The Balance Beam is a multi-functional therapy aid that has been designed to help a user with stability, coordination and balance training. Made from Airex's high quality, closed cell, ultra soft...
                              VAT Exempt
                              OUT OF STOCK
                              OUT OF STOCK
                                Economy Pedal Exercise Machine
                                The Economy Pedal Exercise Machine is a simple, low impact pedal exercise machine that represents exceptional value for money. The Economy Pedal Exercise Machine allows the user to improve their...
                                OUT OF STOCK
                                  Rectangular Kneeling Mat
                                  This Rectangular Kneeling Mat is portable, lightweight and helps users kneel more comfortably. It features a triple laminate construction with a protective skin on both sides that protects knees from...
                                  OUT OF STOCK
                                    Folding Exercise Mat
                                    " The Folding Exercise Mat is a really high quality folding exercise mat made from extra thick 50mm (2"") foam, giving the user the maximum possible comfort level at the same time as providing...
                                    OUT OF STOCK
                                      Elbow Support with Hot and Cold Therapy
                                      This Elbow Support with Hot and Cold Therapy is supplied in a single size that fits the majority of adults. Constructed of neoprene, it ensures that the elbow joint remains comfortably supported...
                                      VAT Exempt
                                      OUT OF STOCK
                                        Leukoband Club EAB
                                        This is the 2.5cm x 4.5m roll of Leukoband Club EAB, which is a versatile bandage that can be used to treat or help prevent soft tissue injuries. It exhibits excellent adhesion and can deliver...
                                        From £3.24

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