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Bariatric Commodes

Bariatric commodes are part of our bathroom aids range, designed to help you if you are living with toileting or mobility issues, or live with someone who does. You may need to use a bariatric commode if you are of a larger weight, struggle with poor mobility, and require extra support. Bariatric commodes come in a range of different styles and designs, all of them with durable and robust structures. Heavy duty bariatric commodes, comfort commodes, and extra wide commodes are all available, while there's also a deluxe bariatric commode featuring drop arm design. This means you can access the commode from the side, if that's easier. See more toileting aids here.
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Aston Bariatric Shower Commode

Aston Bariatric Shower Commode

This attendant controlled Aston Bariatric Shower Commode is an incredibly versatile toileting aid. With a strong yet lightweight aluminium frame, it has a polyurethane seat, backrest and arms as well...
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Drive Belgrave Adjustable Bariatric Commode with Detachable Arms

Drive Belgrave Adjustable Bariatric Commode with Detachable Arms

This Drive Belgrave Adjustable Bariatric Commode with Detachable Arms is an extremely strong and robust commode that boasts a very impressive maximum user weight of 280kg (44st) making it ideal if...
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NRS Healthcare Economy Bariatric Commode

NRS Healthcare Economy Bariatric Commode

The NRS Healthcare Economy Bariatric Commode has been designed with a wider frame than a standard size commode. The frame is both strong and sturdy, giving you stability and support when lowering to...
£95.32 Was £119.15
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Drive Bariatric Wheeled Commode

Drive Bariatric Wheeled Commode

The Drive Bariatric Wheeled Commode is a strong and sturdy commode that has been designed to be larger than standard sized commodes, with a maximum user weight of 203kg (23st). Made with dip-coated...
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Bariatric Shower Commode Chair

Bariatric Shower Commode Chair

This Bariatric Shower Commode Chair will pass through a normal sized door but it is sufficiently broad to be comfortable and to fit over a standard WC or Clos-O-Mat toilet system, fitting flush...
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Gordon Ellis Royale Bariatric Commode
  • Brown
  • Pink

Gordon Ellis Royale Bariatric Commode

This highly discreet purple Royale Extra Wide Commode Chair is an ingeniously designed commode chair that doubles up as an ordinary armchair blending into any nursing, residential or care...
From £434.99
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Ask our Occupational Therapists

Bariatric commodes are portable, self-contained toilets, on static feet or casters. They're specifically designed for those of a higher weight.

Bariatric commodes give those of a higher weight a way to use the toilet without having to go to the bathroom every time.  

People of a larger weight or size, who need to get to the toilet quickly but find it challenging to get there, due to reduced mobility or weakness or instability, may benefit from using this type of commode. If they are at risk of falling, a bariatric commode may be safer than attempting to walk to the bathroom.  

There are some things to consider before purchasing a bariatric commode:

  • Will the measurements and maximum user weight of the commode be suitable for the person using it? 
  • Does it need to be freestanding or on casters? 
  • Do you need a removable arm to do a side transfer? 
  • If space is limited, would you benefit from a combined commode and shower chair in order to reduce the number of products?

If you need help or advice on any of the products in this category, please contact our Expert Advice Team

A comfortable bariatric commode chair

Our bariatric commodes are made for comfort, so you can use them with ease and assurance. Our commodes feature seats and backrests that are well-padded for additional comfort to provide you with a good level of support and comfort. The range also includes wheeled commodes, for those requiring additional mobility.

Durable and robust options

You will find that the bariatric commodes in our range are designed with durability in mind. With options made from extremely hard-wearing materials such as dip-coated steel, you can expect great longevity and resistance when you choose a bariatric commode chair from us. 

Bariatric commodes that fit seamlessly into your home

If you are looking for a bariatric commode chair that will look good within your home environment, you’ll find one here at Complete Care Shop. Some of our commodes function as ordinary armchairs which can blend into any nursing, residential or care environment.

Contact Complete Care Shop

At Complete Care Shop, we’re determined to help and support you towards increased independence in your everyday life. Backed by thousands of users on Trustpilot, it’s clear that we’re a reliable supplier of bariatric commodes. If you have any questions about our products, don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you need any further support or information, we offer a free Expert Advice service at Complete Care Shop.

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