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Exercise Mats

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    Airex Atlas Gym Mat - Red
    Measuring 2 metres by 1.25 metres, this very versatile red Airex Atlas Gym Mat provides a large, safe, cushioned base for play activities, gymnastics and rehabilitation exercises. The Airex Atlas Gym...
      TPE Exercise Mat
      The TPE Exercise Mat is a versatile exercise aid that is suitable for any type of exercise, fitness or rehabilitation regime. Comfortable underfoot, the thick mat has a cushioning effect that...
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        Large Exercise Mat
        " This blue version of the Large Exercise Mat is 400mm (15.75"") wider than the standard mat with an increased total width of 1000mm (39.25"") as opposed to the standard mats width of 600mm (23.5...
        OUT OF STOCK
          Folding Exercise Mat
          " The Folding Exercise Mat is a really high quality folding exercise mat made from extra thick 50mm (2"") foam, giving the user the maximum possible comfort level at the same time as providing...
          OUT OF STOCK
            Airex Coronella 200 Exercise Mat
            A narrower version of the popular Airex Corona 200 Mat, the Airex Corenella 200 Mat in Charcoal is one of the newest products to be added to the Airex range and benefits from the very latest...
            OUT OF STOCK
              Phoenix Fitness Yoga Exercise Mat
              This non-slip Phoenix Fitness Yoga Exercise Mat is perfect for use whilst practicing yoga or can be used for physical therapy when recovering from injuries. It is lightweight and easy to roll up and...
              OUT OF STOCK
                Lightweight Folding Exercise Mat - Green
                This unique green Lightweight Folding Exercise Mat can be folded up into a very compact size for easy and convenient storage and transportation. This Lightweight Folding Exercise Mat is made from a...
                OUT OF STOCK
                  Airex Fitline Mat - Long
                  This long version of the Airex Fitline Mat, in an attractive and stylish Aqua colour, is a very lightweight and totally portable exercise mat ideal for use in a wide variety of situations, both...
                  OUT OF STOCK
                    Foam Exercise Mat - Green
                    This Foam Exercise Mat has a vibrant green colour and is designed for use virtually anywhere indoors, outdoors or even in a swimming pool. This exercise mat has a high quality, closed cell foam body...
                    OUT OF STOCK
                      NBR Exercise Mat
                      This NBR Exercise Mat has been designed for a wide range of different exercises and fitness routines and can be used at home or in clinical environments. It is soft with cushion-like qualities and...
                      OUT OF STOCK
                        Luxury Yoga Exercise Mat
                        The top quality Luxury Yoga Exercise Mat is a well sized and well-padded yoga mat that provides the user with a slightly thicker depth of mat than our standard yoga exercise mat, for a more...

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