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Hand Exercisers

A hand exerciser offers valuable benefits for both the elderly and individuals with disabilities. These health and wellbeing aids are specifically designed to improve hand strength, dexterity, and coordination. Hand exerciser tools are particularly beneficial for individuals with conditions such as arthritis, stroke recovery, or hand injuries, as they help increase blood circulation, reduce stiffness, and alleviate pain. 

By incorporating a hand exerciser into daily routines, you or a loved one can enhance grip strength, increase finger mobility and improve overall hand function, leading to increased independence and a better quality of life. Shop exercise and rehabilitation aids at Complete Care Shop.
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Hand Exercise Ball
  • Black
  • Pink
  • Yellow

Hand Exercise Ball

This is the Medium density Yellow coloured Hand Exercise Ball from our range of Hand Exercise Balls, offering a medium density level of resistance. Hand Exercise Balls are extremely easy to use...
From £6.98
Hand Exercise Ball
  • Blue
  • Mix
  • Orange

Hand Exercise Ball

This Hand Exercise Ball is soft in density and Blue in colour, therefore offering a low level of resistance, each ball in the range is colour coded by density to provide easy visual identification...
From £6.98
Adjustable Hand Grip Exerciser

Adjustable Hand Grip Exerciser

This Adjustable Hand Grip Exerciser is an exercise aid that is designed for use in the early stages of rehabilitation after injury or surgery and is ideal for exercising hand, finger, wrist and arm...

Resistance hand exercise tools

Whether they be balls or hand grip exercisers, hand exercise equipment provides resistance against the user’s hand. When the exercisers are squeezed it engages the individual’s finger, hand and forearm muscles, helping maintain and strengthen the muscles. Find varying resistance hand exercisers at Complete Care Shop with our Adjustable Hand Grip Exerciser and Hand Exercise Ball - Set of 5 Resistance Levels, to find the perfect resistance for your needs.

Portable hand exercise equipment

Our hand exercisers are designed with convenience in mind. Compact and portable, they can be easily used at home, in the office or while on the move. With their portable nature, you can maintain a consistent exercise routine and reap the benefits of improved hand functionality wherever you go.

Rehabilitation and pain relief from hand exercisers

For individuals recovering from hand injuries, stroke or living with conditions such as arthritis, our hand exerciser tools provide a versatile rehabilitation solution. By increasing blood circulation, reducing stiffness and alleviating pain, these exercisers aid in regaining hand functionality. With the ability to target specific muscle groups and adjust resistance levels, our hand exercisers cater to individual needs, making them an invaluable tool for rehabilitation and pain relief.

Hand Exercisers FAQs

Hand exercisers are designed to strengthen and improve the flexibility of the muscles in the hands and fingers. They come in various shapes and designs, offering resistance or tension that challenges the user's grip strength. By using hand exercisers regularly, individuals can enhance their hand dexterity, increase blood flow to the hands and alleviate symptoms of conditions like arthritis or repetitive strain injuries. Simply squeezing or manipulating the hand exerciser as per the provided instructions helps engage and strengthen the targeted hand muscles effectively.

Hand exercisers are beneficial for a wide range of individuals. They can be particularly advantageous for those recovering from hand injuries, experiencing hand weakness due to ageing, or seeking to improve their grip strength for sports and other physical activities. Additionally, individuals with conditions like arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome or tendinitis can find relief and improved functionality through regular use of hand exercisers. Athletes, musicians and people with jobs requiring repetitive hand movements can also benefit from incorporating hand exercises into their daily routines to prevent overuse injuries and enhance performance.

Choosing the right hand exerciser depends on individual preferences and specific goals. When selecting a hand exerciser, consider factors such as the level of resistance, size and design that best suits your hand size and strength. Some hand exercisers offer adjustable resistance levels, allowing you to progress gradually as your hand strength improves. Consulting with our expert advice team can provide valuable guidance in selecting the most appropriate hand exerciser based on your unique needs and requirements.

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